Don’t be caught out – join Golfplan today

13 April 2017
Don’t be caught out – join Golfplan today

Whether it is to cover against injury on the golf course or to replace stolen golf equipment, specialist golf insurance provider GOLFPLAN has the right protection for you.

As winter turns to spring, and fair-weather golfers begin to come out of their self-enforced hibernation and flood the fairways once more, things can get pretty hectic around the average golf club.

As well as busier tee booking sheets and fuller car parks, the sheer number of golfers out on the course, many of whom might be new to the game, or unfamiliar with its etiquette, can make for some dangerous sport.

With golf balls travelling at speeds of up to 180mph, often in directions over which the player has little control, you need to keep your wits about you when playing a supposedly ‘gentle’ game of golf these days.

Getting hit by a stray ball is unfortunately an all-too-common occurrence for those who play the game, and the financial implications of a hook or slice have never been greater. In 2011, a golfer and the club he was playing at were found liable for nearly £400,000 following an accident that resulted in a fellow player losing the sight in one eye.

And the trouble doesn’t lie just with golfers out on the course. Within range of many clubs are often big houses, expensive cars and ‘innocent’ members of the public out walking their dogs – all with very breakable bits on them.

You’d think that before undertaking such a potentially hazardous activity, a primary piece of preparation would be to make sure you have suitable insurance to cover yourself against accidents or injury. And given that every year 12,000 golf injuries require hospital treatment, it’s incredible that an estimated nine out of ten golfers still don’t have specialist golf insurance.

The cost of injury may be the last thing golfers want to worry about when they step onto the course, but what about theft of their equipment or personal effects? With modern drivers costing over £400, and sets of irons well over £800, it’s amazing how the contents of your old golf bag can add up.

Only last year, two men were jailed at Birmingham Crown Court for stealing a staggering £750,000 of golf equipment from golf clubs right across the UK. Disguised as golfers, the pair mixed with other players and course staff, before grabbing what they could from changing rooms and lockers, and taking clubs left casually outside the clubhouse. Many golfers assume they are covered by their household policies, but household insurance is just that, and is not a specialist golf policy. Some household policies may allow the policyholder to specify golf equipment as an add-on to the policy, but an extra premium often needs to be paid. Personal liability on your home insurance may also only apply to incidents that take place in the insured property – not on a golf course. Insurance cover for loss, or theft, of golf equipment away from the home may not be included, and with more and more of us taking golf holidays abroad, there is even more chance of things going astray. This may be at a higher premium than a specialist golf insurance policy, and won’t always provide the same level of cover.

One way to protect yourself is to take out golf-specific insurance. There are many varieties of golf insurance in the market today, ranging from budget to more comprehensive levels of cover. Some customers may shop on price; others may shop on cover. Golfplan doesn’t claim to be the cheapest, but it does offer quality premium golf insurance cover aimed at protecting you and your significant golfing investment. However, you choose to protect your golf related needs, it’s wise to study the small print of the policy before purchasing, as not all golf insurance is the same.

Golfplan has previously worked with underwriters to develop its range of policies to offer greater coverage than its competitors, and now, from just £31.50* a year, golfers can be instantly covered worldwide for personal liability up to £5 million and personal accident up to £50,000, as well as coverage for damage to third party property for up to £2 million. Club membership fees, should you be unable to play through injury or illness, are covered for up to £1,250, while equipment cover against theft, loss, or damage on a ‘new for old’ basis is up to £1,250 on the entry level plan, and up to £10,000 should you require more cover. Those lucky enough to bag a hole-in-one can protect themselves against a hefty bar bill of up to £200 on the basic policy.

Having specialist golf insurance is clearly essential for a variety of practical reasons. It could also improve your game! It’s vital to relax on the golf course; to clear your mind of negative thoughts and enter ‘the zone’. It’s rather difficult to attain that level of composed concentration if you have a niggling fear that an errant strike could cost you thousands of pounds. So, for true peace of mind, on and off the golf course, choose Golfplan.

* Premium based on a 70-year-old golfer taking second hand cover for £1,250 golf equipment and paying by direct debit. Price includes a 20% year 1 discount.


Each club or piece of equipment is carefully itemised and its replacement value calculated, so you know it is covered. If your equipment is damaged beyond repair or stolen, Golfplan will replace it with a brand new equivalent, regardless of its age or condition (subject to excess). If all your equipment is a total loss, Golfplan will waive the excess.


Should the worst happen, either through accident or illness, and you are prevented from playing golf for a prolonged period, Golfplan will reimburse the cost of the time you could not play. Club membership fees cover covers non-golfing related accidents and illnesses. Alternative providers might only cover these fees if you have an accident travelling to/from, or while you were at, a golfing venue.


If your clubs are securely hidden away from sight in the locked boot of your car, Golfplan will pay your claim wherever your car is parked – day or night. Other golf insurance products might only offer limited cover by specifically excluding cover for golf equipment while your car is parked at home, work, or even if you leave your car at a golf club overnight.


Golfplan always looks to use a local PGA Professional to source replacement items. It prides itself on a claims service that is built on local knowledge and with a personal touch, so it won’t insist you have vouchers. Golfplan has relationships with over 1,300 local PGA Professionals and is a proud partner of the PGA.

A PDF of this article can be found here: Golfplan Feature March 2017