Not All Golf Insurance Is The Same

The world of Golf has a vast array of suppliers and brands. As an experienced Golfer you know a ‘driver is a driver’ but recognise that some are entry level and some are custom fit to your individual needs. Golf Insurance is no different.

The are many variations of golf insurance in the market today, ranging from  budget to more comprehensive levels of cover. Some golfers may also choose to protect themselves through their home insurance.  Some customers may shop on price, some customers may shop on cover.

At Golfplan we don’t claim to be the cheapest but what we do offer is quality premium golf insurance cover aimed protecting you and your significant golfing investment. However and with whom you choose to protect your golf related needs, we would always urge you to consider the detail before purchasing as not all Golf Insurance is the same.

‘New For Old’ Replacement Really Means ‘New For Old’

  • You might think that all Golf Insurance is the same BUT it is not. With Golfplan you tell us each item and its replacement value so you safely know it’s covered as we name it on your insurance schedule.
  • If your equipment is damaged beyond repair or stolen, we will replace it with a brand new equivalent regardless of its age or condition (subject to excess). If all your equipment was a total loss, we go that little bit further and waive the excess.

Why is Golfplan different?

  • Cheaper golf insurance alternatives might offer similar headline equipment limits but you need to carefully consider the detail.
  • If you are not asked to name your items and their value, be aware of any single article limits that may apply to items of equipment. Remember, these limits might be below the value of your equipment and apply before any excess is deducted.

Covered by home insurance?

  • How much extra do you pay just to cover your equipment away from the home and not get all the additional benefits included in a specialist golf insurance policy? If you had to make an equipment claim, ask yourself how much excess would you have to pay under your home insurance policy vs. a Golfplan policy?

Why is Golfplan different?

  • It would be highly unusual for a home insurance policy to cover your golf club membership fees in the event of an accident or illness. If you pay extra just to cover your golf insurance equipment, are you missing out on the extra benefits of specialist golf insurance?

Golf Club Membership Fees

  • Each year you support your local club financially, in fact it could be your biggest golf related expenditure each year.
  • Should the worst happen either through accident or illness and this prevents you from playing golf for a prolonged period, Golfplan will reimburse the cost of the time you could not play. Our club membership fees cover goes that little bit further and covers you for non golfing related accidents and illnesses!

Why is Golfplan different?

  • You might think memberships fees cover is the same with all Golf Insurance providers but think again!
  • Alternative providers to Golfplan might ONLY cover these fees if you had an accident travelling to/from or whilst you were at a golfing venue. Ask yourself, if you had a serious illness or a fall at home or work and it stopped you from playing – would you be covered?

24 Hour Cover For Theft of Equipment From Cars

  • Opportunistic thieves are always on the lookout. If your clubs are securely hidden away from sight in the locked boot of your car, Golfplan will pay your claim wherever your car is parked – day or night!

Why is Golfplan different?

  • Other Golf Insurance products might only offer limited cover by specifically excluding cover for your precious golfing equipment whilst your car is parked at home,  work or even if you leave your car at a golf club overnight.

Who Looks After Your Claim?

  • Golfplan always endeavours to use a local PGA Professional to source replacement items.
  • We pride ourselves on a claims service that is built on local knowledge and with a personal touch to claims settlement.

Why is Golfplan different?

  • Golfplan has relationships with over 2,000 local PGA Professionals and is a proud Partner of the PGA.

So why not put us to the test and get a quote today! For an online quote click here or call the Golfplan team on  01527 868 160 today.

Important Information

The above information is a brief summary, for further information of key exclusions and product features & benefits, please refer to the Golfplan Policy Summary and Policy Wording in our Important Documents below.

Alternatively, the Golfplan team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call
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