Senior Golfers, over 70's

Our annual golf insurance products are simple to buy either online or on the telephone by calling 01527 868 160.

What’s more, if you are 70 years old or over you will receive an additional 20% discount.

We understand that your golf club may ask you to have ‘liability insurance’ before they will let you drive a buggy on the course.

Our Public Liability insurance includes driving any buggy on the course while you are playing golf! This includes crossing a public highway in a buggy if a road has to be crossed during the course of a game!

You don’t even have to insure your buggy against loss, theft and damage to be insured to drive it with us.

We have a variety of options available for you to choose from, whether it be just insuring you, or your equipment and/or buggy.

We offer four levels of cover, depending on the amount of equipment you insure with us will determine which level of cover you will have.

We offer two types of equipment cover:

NEW FOR OLD – Replaces items with the current equivalent makes and models. Items will need to be insured for enough to replace with current equivalent models.

MARKET VALUE - Insures for the second hand value, taking into account the type, age, wear and tear and general condition at the time of the loss.