Golf Buggy Insurance

You can insure your golf buggy against loss, theft and damage (including vandalism).

  • You can choose to insure just your golf buggy or you can insure both your buggy & golf equipment all under one policy.
  • You do not even have to insure the buggy against loss, theft and damage on your schedule to still be protected against the liabilities to drive in on the course when playing golf. You can simply insure yourself.
  • £5million Public Liability cover when driving the buggy on the course.
  • £2million Third Party Property damage cover when driving the buggy on the course.
  • 24/7 golf buggy insurance whether stored at home or at your golf club.
  • New for Old or Indemnity cover available
  • Our Public Liability insurance includes driving any buggy on the course while you are playing golf. This includes crossing a public highway in a buggy if a road has to be crossed during the course of a game.

Within all Golfplan policies, golf buggies are treated as golf equipment which means a buggy is protected 24-hours a day, giving the buggy owner total peace of mind. All a customer has to do is ensure that their buggy is immobilised to the exclusion of all drivers when not in use. Also during carriage to and from golfing venues, buggies must be secured to the trailer.

What to do next ?

If you are looking to insure a buggy we have 4 options for you;

1. You can add a buggy to your existing Golfplan policy.

2. You can take a ‘New for Old’ policy, listing just your buggy or both your buggy and golfing equipment. New for Old means if your buggy was stolen we would replace it with a brand new one.

3. You can take a ‘Market Value’ policy. In this instance, if your buggy was stolen it would be replaced with the current second hand value (This type of cover is sometimes referred to as an ‘Indemnity policy’).

4. If you are interested in simply taking out Public Liability insurance in case you have an accident in your buggy whilst playing golf, then we can cover that too.

Why not give our team a call today on 01527 868 160 and we will arrange whichever type of policy you require. Our team have years of experience in arranging Buggy cover and will quickly guide you through the process.

Alternatively, you can apply online using our Classic application process. You will be asked for details of your clubs first, but if you are wanting buggy only cover just leave this section blank.

Important Information

The above information is a brief summary, for further information of key exclusions and product features & benefits, please refer to the Golfplan Policy Summary and Policy Wording in our Important Documents below. Alternatively, the Golfplan team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call 01527 868 160, our office hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm.