Why you should consider Golf Insurance

There’s been a significant increase in the number of players enjoying golf according to Sports Marketing Surveys. The key findings from their research showed that adult golfers on a full course increased by 3.1 million in 2020 – the highest increase this century.

World Handicap System – Has your handicap changed?

As golf has returned after the lockdown period, there has been some key changes to the way golfers handicaps are calculated and adjusted. There used to be 6 organisations that would calculate their players handicaps in a slightly different way. Now with the new World Handicapping System, handicaps will all be maintained and managed in the same way under one umbrella.



Brooks Koepka continues his recent dominance in the golf majors, retaining the title he won last year in spectacular form. Brooks is taking the golf world by storm and his recent dominance in majors has been truly remarkable.



Some have called it the greatest comeback in sport, Tiger Woods won the US Masters his 15 major title 9 years after his last major victory. With many of the golfing community having written Tiger Woods off ever competing again for a tournament victory, let alone a major title. It is a story that really has the golfing community eating humble pie, having to admit the unthinkable that Tiger Woods is back.

What type of Golfer are you?


Golfers are interesting creatures and many fall into a few categories. We all play golf for different reasons and rewards, and we have devised