Some have called it the greatest comeback in sport, Tiger Woods won the US Masters his 15 major title 9 years after his last major victory. With many of the golfing community having written Tiger Woods off ever competing again for a tournament victory, let alone a major title. It is a story that really has the golfing community eating humble pie, having to admit the unthinkable that Tiger Woods is back. Tiger is arguably the best golfer that has ever played the game, but with all his injuries and set backs off the course no one expected this. He has done what few thought possible and win again, under the highest pressure and on the biggest stage.

Through Tigers recent performances, he has clearly been struggling to return to any form after multiple back surgeries. His injuries over recent years have been horrific, making his return to golf even more of a fairy tale story. Everyone who has played sport and returned from an injury can relate to taking some time to regain previous performance levels. The best thing about the game of golf is that anyone can play and is one of the few sports where age is less of a factor. This gives us mere mortals hope that returning to the sport of golf after an injury or extended break, we may still be able to perform to previous levels.

This highlights that we all can come back to Golf. So do not wait any longer to dust the clubs off and have a go. Get back out on the course and be inspired by the great Tiger Woods once again. If you are concerned with hitting an errant shot or what you would do if you had an illness or injury stopping you from playing golf? These are just a couple of the fantastic sections of cover that Golfplan can help you with, protecting you whilst playing or practicing golf at a golfing venue worldwide.

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