What type of Golfer are you?


Golfers are interesting creatures and many fall into a few categories. We all play golf for different reasons and rewards, and we have devised a fun quiz for you to find out what kind of golfer you are? Golf is a game that can be infuriating to us all at times, we have all missed that short putt, sliced a drive miles off target or duffed a shot where you think you could have thrown it further. We all have found ourselves caught in a storm when the heavens open, usually when you are the furthest distance possible from the clubhouse. We have highlighted 4 main golf stereotypes that you will come across at every course around the world, see which one you are closest too:

The Patient Putter – That person who takes golf very seriously. Typically they haven’t got a great deal of time for those who don’t appreciate the sport and play it properly. This means in the true spirit of the game, adhering to the many complex rules. At a drop of a hat they can recite and quote such rules. They will always let their playing partners know of any discrepancies during the round. They will often blame everyone else for their mistakes too, and make statements like “I always drive down the middle on this hole”

The True Golfer – Someone that has grown up surrounded by golf, they have a passion for golf despite not having as much time to play as they would like. They are humble yet passionate folk who love a good game and play it in the true spirit. They are quick to help when required and can provide a tip to help out a fellow playing partner. You probably envy their usual consistency and ability to play with relative ease, close to their handicap on any day on any course.

The COA (Centre of Attention) – If there’s a celebration or a chance to moan, this person will make the most of it. Golf is very much a bit of fun for them but it’s usually a platform for them to wear elaborate clothing, act like a teenager again, and/or make noise. It’s a about having a laugh and having a few drinks afterwards for them and you can usually hear them and see them arriving. They often have all the gear and little idea, but love the game and the banter.

The Corporate Golfer – The one that turns up at the annual work charity day or corporate event and likes to think they can play. They dust off the cobwebs and clean off the mud from last year’s event the night before. They can play a little bit but it usually takes them another 15 holes to warm up at each event. They chase deals around the golf course, just as they spend most of the round searching for their stray balls. They have a rough idea of the rules and etiquette but year on year they do forget. Often found still talking when other players are set to tee off.

These stereotypes of golfer cause much discussion and debate but we thought we’d put people to the test, to find out once and for all what type of golfer they are. We devised a nine question course riddled with scenarios, questions of etiquette and points of preference. The results of each answer will produce a profile. So, which golfer are you? Tee off the test to find out and maybe even encourage your golfing buddies to partake to discover who really is the COA or the Patient Putter.


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