Brooks Koepka continues his recent dominance in the golf majors, retaining the title he won last year in spectacular form. Brooks is taking the golf world by storm and his recent dominance in majors has been truly remarkable.

In a recent interview Brooks has some interesting insights into the mind-set of the champion. He has a calm calculated demeanour at each major he plays in and having questioned how he manages do to this he cited some interesting statements. He mentioned that half the field at a course like Bethpage Black were not able to tackle a course of such length and did not have the length required to compete. He was in the half of the field that did not struggle with the driving distances required to be successful so already the challenge was easier. He also mentioned that of that half of the field, half would not play well this week adding additional pressure on themselves due to the magnitude of the event. He felt he would not add additional pressure, as he already has been a successful multiple champion. Of those that did play well, many after a good start would fall away again. Players would be chasing too hard after the cut, and again the number of successful players again halved. Therefore, Brooks believes there are around 10 golfers who actually have a chance to win not only at this major but also at any major. Of those 10, he felt he was capable of beating all of those people especially on current form. His mind-set and comments stating it is easier for him to win a major as opposed to the regular weekly tour events on this logic, almost makes perfect sense.

Brooks did come under pressured down the stretch, and after a few wobbles he really did have to gather all of his experience and just hang on in there. His early dominance over the first three days was spectacular and the seven shot lead he took into the final round reflected that. He hung on and produced a great round of 74, which was enough to keep the chasing pack of Dustin Johnson and the others just out of reach.

With two remaining majors in the calendar, it will be interesting to see how he reacts and if he can continue in further victories. Having spoken about how many major’s he thinks he can win, he confidently states that beating Tiger Woods record of 15 majors being a realistic and achievable target. He mentioned he believes he can win a couple of majors a year and therefor will have plenty of time to catch up and even over take Tiger. Can he continue at that rate? Only time will tell but it is an interesting narrative and a great story, all eyes will be on him as he takes on Royal Portrush in The Open championship later in the summer.

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