Our Cover Levels

We offer three LEVELS of cover, depending on the amount of equipment you insure with us will determine which level of cover you will have. The benefits of the policies are shown in the below table as per each level of cover we offer.

Even if you choose not to insure any equipment or a buggy with us, you can still enjoy the other benefits we can offer.*

We can offer protection against loss, theft and damage for your equipment and/or a buggy. You specify the items you wish to insure and the appropriate value and because we offer this we do not have any single article limits!

If you do decide to include equipment and/or a buggy in your policy there two TYPES of cover choose from:

NEW FOR OLD – Replaces items with the current equivalent makes and models. Items will need to be insured for enough to replace with current equivalent models. NEW FOR OLD FOR LIFE!

INDEMNITY - Insures for the second hand value allowing for wear and tear and depreciation.

Levels Golfplan Plus Executive
Golf Equipment (incl Golf Buggies) £0 - £1250 £1251 - £2000

£2001 - £3099 

(up to £10,00 is avaliable)

Geographical Limits Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Personal Liability for Bodily Injury £5m £5m £5m
Personal Accident £50000 £50000 £50000
Club Membership Fees £1250 £2500 £5000
Third Party Accidental Damage £2m £2m £2m
Personal Effects £500 £750 £1000
Hole In One £200 £250 £300
Overseas Golf Equip. Hire/missing in transit £200 £250 £300
Tournament Entry Fees £150 £200 £250

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